How Can 30/30 RoundTables Benefit Workplace and School Leaders? Educators & Facilitators?

Key Benefits to Your Organization

  • RoundTables foster systemic change, treating the whole organization/school rather than a part. RoundTables are rICE:
  • I = Inclusive: Suitable for everyone: front line workers to upper management; K-12+ classrooms as well as faculty, PTSA, and district meetings; staff meetings and trainings. Engage the whole person: PIE (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional domains).
  • C = Continuing: Fit into existing classrooms and meetings, with a 30 minute weekly/monthly session
  • E = Emancipatory: Increase learning, performance, and community spirit
  • r = relative: Easily adaptable to your specific purposes.
  • Time-, space-, and cost-efficient!: After about five to ten coached sessions, users (workers, managers, executivies, students, educators, parents) run and revise the program themselves.
  • Super Power Tools: They speed up the cumulative learning needed for effective action plans.

GEMS 30/30 RoundTables are designed to last 30 minutes and hear viewpoints of everyone present (e.g., 30 people). RoundTables adapt easily to workplace and school staff meetings at all levels of organization: including meetings of front line production workers, team leaders, middle management and top executives-- or meetings of faculty, PTA, principals and more.

GEMS RoundTables adapt to classroom subject matter in textbooks, readers, educational standards (language arts, social studies, science) and to school and agenda, too. They:

  • Develop the selected subject matter, topic or agenda more widely and deeply.
  • Increase peoples’ opportunities to express themselves, to think about what they are learning, and to access the points of views of others.
  • Foster mutual and self-respect, appreciation, and community spirit.
  • Spread the prestige of leadership among all participants as sessions are peer-run.