GEMS RoundTable Applications

RoundTables are successful in classrooms from elementary to high school and effective in language arts, science, social science, math classes, as well as homeroom. GEMS RoundTables are also beneficial in meetings of faculty, PSTA, college classes, and business organizations. They are valuable for many kinds of social systems or communities, from sewing circles to the international conference table.

Regular RoundTables are most effective when they are held:

  • weekly in groups meeting 3 or more hours a week,
  • monthly in groups meeting 3 or more hours a month,
  • daily in week-long conferences or training programs.

Classroom Applications

In homerooms and advisory classes, weekly RoundTables help students express their views and understand the views of their classmates.

In English and Literature classes, RoundTables ensure that every student's comments about a story or book are shared and heard.

In Science, RoundTables, held at the end of a lesson or completion of a lab experiment, let students share their methods and learn from others.

In Social Studies, RoundTables are a great way conclude a project or a field trip.

In Math, RoundTables allow students to talk about how they use math in their daily lives.

Meeting Applications

Because the RoundTable process ensures that all participants' voices are heard, equally and without criticism, without skimping on the agenda, they are extremely useful in meetings where there are many different views, complex issues and decisions, and time constraints. In schools, applications are:

  • Faculty meetings,
  • PTA meetings, and
  • Week-long staff development

In the workplace, applications are: