The Sentence Pattern Chart

sentence pattern chart

Sentence Pattern Chart

The Sentence Pattern and Parts of Speech Chart consists of two colorful 19" X 25" posters for the bulletin board that display simple sentence structure in context. A pamphlet accompanies the system with exercises where students analyze both sentence patterns and parts of speech at the same time in a ?whole grammar? method which simplifies and clarifies function.

The method, developed over years in a busy classroom, is also designed so that students can transfer their work to a machine-scorable answer sheet that takes seconds to correct. Students can then work through and correct their own errors. In the daily plan, the method permits a warm-up lesson as well as a permanent display that students can refer to on need.

Packing all the basics into an ever available visual lesson and display saves valuable class time, time which can then be spent on meaning-based activities.

The posters' flip sides are designed for easy testing.  

Also adaptable to your preferred grammar or reading texts.