The Noun Tree Poster

small noun tree poster

The Noun Tree Poster

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The Noun Tree Poster is a 25" by 38" colorful poster that illustrates the standard use of articles in English. From the bottom up, the trunk of the tree divides into proper and common nouns. Common nouns branch into definite (the) and indefinite. Indefinite nouns branch into singular (a,an) and plural/non-count (some), which subdivides again into specific/concrete (some) and abstract/generic (ø).

Among the leaves are sample sentences, and above them are the articles (the, some, a/an, ø) which mark the categories. This is a GEMS whole grammar design - it packs all the basics into an ever available visual lesson and display, thus saving class time for meaning-based activities.

The package includes the poster and a reproducible 8 1/2" by 11" version for student notebooks.