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Beginning Composition, Step by Step, is an 8 1/2" by 11" student workbook of 22 writing lessons developed in a Los Angeles High School classroom. Suitable for ESL and beginning English students at the upper elementary, secondary and adult levels, each lesson lasts one week or more and becomes the foundation for, and is included in, the following week's lesson. The four areas of competency are form, mechanics, organization and, most importantly, content.

Designed as a 10-15 minute silent exercise that students do immediately as class begins, this program is an effective time and energy manager as well as a comprehensive learning tool for overview, view and review of basic writing conventions.

Four colorful 18" by 24" posters, designed as permanent wall charts, supplement the workbooks, making basic writing concepts and usage clearly and permanently available to the student. Moreover, the posters permit students to review and preview, zoom in to a specific concept, and zoom out to the whole picture. This way students can preview, review and watch their progress throughout the program.