Grants & Giving

GEMS is pleased to link interested donors to schools and other organizations or non-profits in need of our services and materials.  Contact us to discuss your goals and interests!

Grantors and Grantees might be interested in the following:

   1.   Staff development and consulting in RoundTables

   2.   Purchasing and giving our book: New Hope for Schools

   3.   Other GEMS and ELD Services and Products.


Prospective Schools/Organizations/Non-Profits  

Are you interested in GEMS products and services to use in your own school or organization? Do you need financial help? Tell us about your goals, interests, needs, and the assistance that you seek from GEMS.


Prospective Donors  

Are you interested in offering financial help to a school or other organization that could benefit from the RoundTable? or other GEMS products and services? Tell us of your goals and interests. Tell us about the schools or organizations you would like to assist and how you would like to assist them.


We want to hear from you!