The GEMS RoundTable Action Board  (GRAB)

The GRAB mission is a GEMS RoundTable in every person’s life in one or more of his/her communities (work, school, etc.).

Our RoundTable purposes and proven outcomes:

    • General. The GEMS RoundTable is a time-tested and proven way to enrich and transform groups, organizations and their people.
    • Specific. The RoundTable is user-ready and easily adaptable for each group's own current, future and emerging purposes.

Our board purposes include:

                • To identify and pursue opportunities to spread GEMS RoundTable Programs to enrich and/or transform our social systems and their people.
                • To advance other opportunities to spread GEMS products and services.

    Our individual purposes in serving on the board

    • To participate in and enjoy a GRAB RoundTable for our own personal enjoyment.
    • To help with RoundTable projects in ways that enhance us, each in our own way.

    Our current bi-annual board meeting agenda (60 minutes)

    • GRAB RoundTable – 30 minutes
    • Board member reports on last few months – 15 minutes
    • Revisions and Actions for the next few months – 15 minutes


Are you interested in serving on the Board?

Are you interested in becoming a RoundTable developer? (See our RoundTable developers here)

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